Calorie counter & Food tracker

Calorie counter & Food tracker

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Meet the most personal Calorie Counter diet app for weight loss. It includes meal plans, a food diary, a macro tracker, healthy recipes, and much more. Start today because the only thing to lose is weight!
Our mission is to show in practice that everybody can lose weight by eating healthy food and using a nutrition tracker.

Calorie Counter & Food Tracker main features:

🥑 Food database with over 3 MILLION items
🥗 Diets for various weight goals from keto to more flexible meal plans
🥧 Hundreds of healthy recipes for every meal
📊 Macro calculator for keeping nutrient balance
🍏 The simplest Calorie calculator and food tracker
📈 Track progress on daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly level

We know that losing weight and keeping a diet is hard, so we developed the Calorie Counter app with a unique approach that gives you the freedom to keep your eating preferences and still lose weight with personalized meal plans and tasty and easy-to-prepare recipes.

Simply type to search for or create your own foods. It will take you seconds to scan a barcode in order to log what you ate. Without extreme diet plans and with a solid nutrition plan you can manipulate calories while nourishing your taste and smell receptors.

Forget about recipes with 15+ ingredients that require complex cooking skills and tons of dirty dishes in the sink. Find the recipe that works best for you, whether it is for keto, low fat or a balanced meal, and make a grocery list with just one click.

Our registered dietitians created unique meal plans that respect your food preferences (sweet or salty) and body goals. Start a keto diet to lose fat, gain muscle without overeating or boost your energy and increase your lifespan, all with useful daily hacks and tricks.

Nutrition database with over 3 million items to make sure you eat various super healthy foods. Plus, we have a unique manually checked database by our registered dietitians, so you get the most precise calorie information and serving size units on the market right on your phone.

Weight loss features eye-catching graphics with an intuitive interface that will help you with long-term diet goals.

Proteins, carbs, and fats affect your hunger and satiety hormones differently and our unique macro calculator will get you a perfect ratio of all of them. Be aware of the net carbs you consume at any moment to keep up with the keto diet.

Make sure you get all of the vitamins & minerals. Improve health markers like LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and BMI (body mass index) that come with the PRO version.

If you think that calorie calculator and macro calculator must be complicated and time-consuming, you have to try our calorie counter app. Using it is a piece of cake. Just log everything you eat and drink in a food tracker and a special algorithm will do all the math for you.

For a lower cost than just a cup of coffee per week, you get access to hundreds of highest-rated recipes approved by registered dietitians, personalized diets along with speed keto to improve your health and shape as quickly and as easily as possible.

The diet app that you will get is much more than an average calorie counter app. We offer you a food tracker that will help you eat healthy and lose weight as easily as possible!
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