Champion Strike

Champion Strike

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Win PvP battles with champion control and strategic unit composition!
An exciting battle with players from all over the world!! Welcome to 『Champion Strike』 where elaborate strategy and control fights are possible!

◈ Game Introduction ◈
『Champion Strike』 is a real-time PvP strategy simulation game with a controllable Champion aspect.

Unpredictable battles with a strategic combination of champion control and card units will make the hearts of players all over the world beat!

Create a moment for reversal winning through strategic card unit combination.
If you are confident in strategy and control! Play now and become the hero of Super Play!

◈ Latest update features ◈
▶Card Crafting and Dismantling System
- Attractive system for obtaining a desired specific card!
- Dismantle unwanted cards and make them into new ones!

▶Profile Decoration System
- Show off your unique profile with your favorite characters!
- Banners and badges can be customized to your own taste!

▶ 2v2 team play
- This is a multiplayer battle mode where you can battle with your partner!
- Invite friends or clan member to play battles together!
- Take victory in a more diverse strategy!

◈ Game Features ◈
▶ Evolved game play
- Experience great PvP through skillful controls in real-time strategy battles.
- Don't wait for automatic battle! Attack your opponent's week point directly!
- Target and attack the opponent's units with the champion!
- A tense 1 point situation! Jump into enemies and aim for the opponent's tower!

▶ The vast world of Champion Strike
- Orcs, Demons, and Elves. Various cards such as beasts, machines, and buildings are waiting for you!
- Collect over 70 different cards and build your own deck!

▶ World Battle
- Meet and compete with players from all over the world in World Battle!
- Show your control to beat your opponents with unexpected strategies!
- Thrilling experience to enjoy in real time! Turn the tide of battle and claim a thrilling victory!

▶ Big Match
- Watch the battles of the world's top rankers in real time in Big Match and receive cheering rewards!
- You too can be the main character of the big match! Thousands of people will watch you play!

▶ World League
- Classified into random groups of users based on the season's highest medal, and an event competition to determine the strongest in each group!
- Obtain reward items according to the World Battle Victory Point ranking results during the event period!
- Participate in the World League and challenge the world's No. 1!

▶ Clan system
- Join a clan, send and receive cards with clan members, and enjoy clan race content!
- Enjoy friendly battles with your clan members and friends!
- Participate in the Clan Race and gather strength with your colleagues to receive even more valuable rewards!

▶ Various event modes
- You can enjoy the pleasure of playing in various modes such as speed-up mode for fast battles, sudden death where the first player to gain victory points wins, and mana double mode for quick mana recharge.

▶ Ranking system
- Take the top place in the ranking system operated by season and earn massive rewards.

▶ Daily Mission
- Open daily free missions and various chests to get cards, gold, ruby, and emoticons.

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Check out the various events and news of Champion Strike!

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