Dr.Mind: Mental Health Tests

Dr.Mind: Mental Health Tests

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Dr.Mind - Mental Health Screening | Self Care Tool
Feeling low, detached, or disengaged? Perhaps it’s time to identify and corroborate your mental health issues!

Presenting Dr. Mind, the only free platform dedicated to recognising and providing solutions to all issues regarding your mental health and emotional wellbeing.

You can search your symptoms and choose from a multitude of medically verified psychological tests.

This app also includes numerous mental health tests like
✮Alcohol addiction Test
✮Shopping addiction Test
✮Smoking addiction Test
✮Drug addiction Test
✮General anxiety Test
✮Post traumatic stress disorder PTSD Test
✮Agoraphobia Disorder Test
✮Panic Disorder Test
✮Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ADHD Test
✮Adult Autism Test
✮Childhood Autism Test
✮Memory Loss Test
✮Eating Disorder Test
✮Depression Test
✮Bipolar Disorder Test
✮Erectile Dysfunction Test
✮Suicide Behaviour Test
✮Obsessive compulsive disorder OCD Test
✮Appearance Anxiety Test
✮Schizophrenia Test
✮Aggression Disorder Test
✮Female Sexual Dysfunction Test
✮Detachment Disorder Test

and many more...

Trust Dr.Mind and try it out today, because having a healthy mind is crucial for having a healthy body!


✮Take a medically verified test from 25+ symptoms
✮Track your mental health
✮Get Help from nearby suicide centers.
✮Watch videos and learn about symptoms
✮Share your Report to Medical professionals, Friends, and Family
✮Share the test with your Friends and Family

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Download The Dr.Mind app and share with your friends, family and take a free test to find out if you are suffering from any mental health symptoms.


No single test is completely accurate. You should always consult your physician when making decisions about your health.
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