Dragon Survivor - Go Shooting

Dragon Survivor - Go Shooting

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Dragon Survivor is a super cool shooting adventure game that combines Roguelike elements with tower defense. Tower Defense + Roguelike, get your cool on anytime, anywhere!
In this challenging doomsday world, only heroes can stand up and protect the flame dragon in the midst of deep waters and intense heat. As a role-playing shooting game that combines elements such as Roguelike, tower defense, mowing, survival, and clearance, Dragon Survivor will take you on an unimaginable shooting adventure.

【Game Features】

Continuous Roguelike Challenges
In this world full of unknowns, each level is a new challenge. Defense tower skills are random, character skills are random, there are many types of enemies, the level design is diverse, and players need to constantly adapt to new environments and enemies, and formulate the most effective strategies to survive. Challenge endless mazes, explore unknown territories, and enjoy the thrill of adventure!

Combination of Tower Defense and Shooting
In Dragon Survivor, you will experience the ultimate shooting sensation, eliminating the tide-like influx of enemies. You need to choose from hundreds of defense tower skills and character skills to construct your own skill combination, and protect the flame dragon by moving between tower defense and characters.

Role-playing and Survival Challenges
As a hero, you will play the role of protecting the dragon. In the process of adventure and clearance, you need to continuously improve the abilities of your character, learn new skills, equip more powerful weapons and armor to survive in the doomsday world. At the same time, you also need to manage the rewards you constantly receive, upgrade technology, upgrade defense towers, and strengthen the dragon and its skills.

Multiple Modes and Levels
In the game, you will face various level challenges. Mainline levels allow you to experience role-playing survival clearance; tower defense mode provides casual mowing and idle placement; daily challenges offer super high drop rates of coins, diamonds, equipment, and gems; fun challenges double the difficulty and strategy; every mode will keep you hooked.

Brand New Pet and Gem System
You can acquire various adorable pets, each with unique skills. The brand new gem system provides unique additional skills for gems of different qualities, together with the equipment system, allowing you to experience the fun of synthesis and collection.

Cute Cartoon Style Vertical Screen Operation
The game features a cute cartoon style, with adorable character and pet designs, and exquisite scene design. With over 100 monsters, zombies, elite monsters, and bosses, the game's aesthetics are extremely cute. The vertical screen design allows for easy one-handed operation on your phone, making it easy to enjoy the game's fun.

Backed by Defense Towers, Protect the Flame Dragon
Adventurers, the flame dragon is facing great danger, and you are its only hope for protection. Come together, protect the flame dragon, and become a true hero!

【Game Background】

That day, all I could recall was deep sorrow.
The Demon King suddenly attacked with his vast army, and countless monsters surged from all directions.
I and my good friend, the flame dragon, were deeply surrounded.
It entrusted its flesh and blood (a dragon egg) to me: "Brave one! Hurry, protect my child! He will assist you in the future!"
After speaking, it used its wings to flap me and the egg away.
To cover my retreat, the flame dragon sacrificed itself.
"Demon King! I will definitely defeat you!"

【Contact Us】
WhatsApp: +86 13510107294
FaceBook: @dragonsurvivor
Email: [email protected]
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