Draw Hero 3D: Draw Your Weapon

Draw Hero 3D: Draw Your Weapon

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This is a logic puzzle game that will put your imagination and brainpower to the test! Explore a world filled with explosive challenges, cunning enemies, and thrilling obstacles. You'll play as a hero with the power to draw classic figures or sticks. So, get ready to draw, think, rescue, and conquer in the battle!
Puzzle game features:

A unique way to develop the brain: as you progress, you will encounter new traps, tests, and tasks, which require you to use your logical thinking, ingenuity, and imagination. The drawing game provides a unique way to develop the brain and is beneficial for mental well-being, serving as an escape from the monotony of everyday life.

Intuitive controls: all you have to do is swipe your finger across the screen to draw a weapon that helps you defeat the bad guys. The more you progress, the more difficult the challenges become, but with each new level, you'll have the opportunity to sharpen your logical thinking and ingenuity.

Interesting levels with different locations: explore a variety of different locations, from a summer glade to an underground labyrinth to a high-security vault.

Cunning enemies who won't let themselves be defeated too easily. Each level brings new obstacles and enemies, including bandits, aliens, and even zombies. But with each new challenge, you'll have the chance to activate weapons, drawn from your imagination and brought to life in the game world. Ready to fight?

Impressive visual effects: Our artists have done a great job and originally depicted explosions, falls, and impacts in the drawing game. This puzzle is an example of the fact that mind games are not only interesting but also beautiful.

Cheerful music that will cheer you up while thinking throughout the game.

Minimalist graphics. The draw puzzle game is distinguished by the simple drawing of characters who have a funny round head and stick-like limbs: they look just like a stickman.

Designed traps, exciting challenges, tasks, and much more.

Once a peaceful and thriving game world, the land was suddenly taken over by a group of cunning bandits. They spread explosives and weapons, leaving no corner untouched by their evil handiwork. The objects were arranged in such a way that a simple misstep could trigger a chain reaction of destruction, with pressing buttons setting off explosions that would topple stacks of boxes, activating sharp blades.

Embark on a journey of excitement and adventure as you draw weapons to defeat bad stickmen. You will be tasked with saving the girl from a dangerous stickman. To rescue her, you will have a diverse range of traps at your disposal, which you can use to outsmart and defeat the bandits. To activate each trap, all you need to do is draw a weapon in the square above, and it will be transferred to the game world, ready for you to use. Draw one part of the weapon or several weapons - no eraser needed.

With each victory, you'll become stronger and more skilled, eventually becoming the ultimate hero in this exciting and entertaining game. So, are you ready to face the challenge, rewrite this sad story, save them all, and become the ultimate hero in Draw Hero 3D?

Just draw!

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  • Last Update: June 07, 2024