Eco Earth: Idle & Clicker Game

Eco Earth: Idle & Clicker Game

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Our home needs your help. You got to do everything you can in this idle tycoon and click game to save nature! Get rid of the garbage and toxic waste in our forests, rivers, and fields in this clicker. Make the planet green again!
Get rid of the pollution

Start your mission in building games, simulator and clicker to let your eco and environmental activists collect the trash! The more you click in this idle and tycoon game, the faster they collect the trash in idle games! Each click in this idle tycoon clears the space, every click is important in tycoon games. And each new planet environment presents unique challenges and opportunities for you to make a positive impact on the planet in this tycoon simulator. The Earth is in dire need of the development and improvement of green technologies in earth games that will put an end to the pollution caused by the oil tycoon elite in these tycoon games.

Build & Develop

Hire more workers, buy or build heavy eco equipment in tycoon games and build recycling facilities in building games to process various garbage faster and produce pure energy in earth games! Pure energy is the most valuable currency in our idle, tycoon and eco game. Upgrade your treatment facilities in tycoon simulator to earn the energy faster in tycoon offline and learn new ways to process waste in these idle tycoon games and idle world.

Recycle and innovate

As you progress in the idle games and this simulator, unlock advanced recycling technologies and innovative methods in building games to handle different types of waste. Experiment in building games with cutting-edge techniques such as bioremediation and upcycling to turn trash into eco friendly valuable resources. Idle games: Stay updated on the latest environmental research and implement sustainable practices in earth games that push the boundaries of eco friendly solutions in this clicker.

Go on quests

Take part in clicker various quests and collect gems that are necessary to buy or build more advanced equipment and discover new lands in idle games. Start every day with small steps to protect the Earth in our idle, tycoon and planet games!

Earn various bonuses in this click game and idle tycoon

Play the clicker game offline! Resources accumulate in auto clicker mode even when you are not playing a game! However, remember to enter the game several times a day to collect bonuses and achieve success faster in this idle tycoon and idle games.

Raise awareness

EcoClicker is not just a clicker, but a great opportunity to change our attitude to the environmental problems that humankind is humanity will face in the near future! Don’t be ignorant! It's not just about cleaning up garbage and is not just similar to other tycoon games or building games; it's about raising awareness and educating others. Organize educational campaigns and events to inform people about the importance of recycling, conservation, and protecting our natural resources. Engage with virtual communities and spread the message far and wide, inspiring others to take action in their own lives.

Open the clicker and idle tycoon games, learn how to save the virtual planet, and make changes in the real world!

Join the green side. If you enjoy playing simulator and planet games like city smash or worldbox, download this clicker game now and don’t let the planet games evolution stop!
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