Eldrum: Red Tide - Text RPG

Eldrum: Red Tide - Text RPG

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Act 1 of 3 is free to play!
⚔️ A text-based RPG game with medieval fighting fantasy elements - An adventure story that you will never forget! This is an interactive CYOA tabletop inspired roleplaying game with branching narrative where your choices matter. Choose your own adventure.

Red Tide is a medieval dark fantasy RPG story with turn-based combat about a former soldier who is searching for his family in a world ravaged by war. A lot of choices are on your path, and each of them determines the future of your fantasy adventure story. What will you choose?

The world has changed. The place where you were born was burned to ash. People out there are struggling to survive. Your brother is gone without a trace. What happened to him? The answer to this question lies at the end of a long and dangerous journey.

You are a shadow of your former self, having suffered grave injuries during the war. But the past is the past. What matters is the here and now. You have the freedom to shape your own destiny.

There is always a choice. And your choices matter!

Main features of this text-based RPG (CYOA):

⚔️ Nostalgic Tabletop RPG Style - A Text-based adventure story that draws inspiration from traditional TTRPGs.
🤺 Turn-based combat - Choose to fight your way through the hurdles
☝️ Discover Secrets - There are countless secrets to discover on your path through this medieval fantasy game.
🛡️ Build Your Character - Make progress so you can buy better equipment and build your character.
⚰️ Multiple Endings - Did you save the wounded man or free the prisoner? Your ending will depend on your choices throughout the interactive RPG story.
♻ Replay - The charm of this text roleplaying game is also in the possibility to play with different styles, opening up different locations, NPCs and gear. You can play it again and again to explore all of those multiple endings!
⛰️ Text-Based RPG Adventure - Interactive fantasy experience based on the text that is enabling you multiple choices so you can develop the RPG story as you want - Choose your own adventure!
🦮 Screenreader support - Accessible to blind and low-vision players

If you love to read medieval fantasy and build up your character, you are in the right place. Get engaged in the turn-based fighting fantasy in a grimdark medieval world. Download this interactive text-based RPG game and enjoy the amazing journey through the various unimaginable situations with multiple endings. Make choices that matter in this "Choose your own adventure" style game. Dive into the best turn-based & tabletop roleplaying game!
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