Fanatic App for Clash of Clans

Fanatic App for Clash of Clans

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Downloaded over 1.5 MILLION times worldwide by clashers like you!
Clash Fanatic is the best base layout and strategy guide app for Clash of Clans. The app features copy maps for every level of Town Hall and Builder Hall, including farming maps, hybrid maps, clan war bases, progress bases and funny/artistic maps. Top army strategies with copy troop feature to teach you the strongest attacks for each level. Quick attack and defense tips provide easy tips you can utilize right away to help improve your clashing. All with a very easy to use design and interface. 🏆

📍Copy the perfect CoC base RIGHT to your game in seconds.

● Bases for your Town Hall: - Copy base layouts from Town Hall 4 to Town Hall 16! Bases include Farming, Hybrid, Clan War/Trophy, Artistic/Funny and Progress.
● Up to Date Bases: - Updated base links for EVERY Town Hall to include just 1 Barracks and Dark Barracks from the Town Hall 15 update!
● Bases for your Builder Hall: - Copy NEW Builder Base 2.0 layouts from Builder Hall 4 to Builder Hall 10! Bases include Defense, Artistic and Progress.
● Working copy links: - We make sure our base links are unexpired and working! If we find expired bases, we replace them.
● Save Time base designing: - Save time so you can have more time raiding your opponents and upgrading your village!

⚔️Attack strategies with Army Copy.

● Strong attacks for Clan War: - Learn how to attack with the strongest armies for Clash of Clans.
● Armies for your Town Hall: - Copy attack strategies for Town Hall 5 to Town Hall 15!
● Air Attacks: - Learn & copy strong air attacks like Drag LaLoon, Electro Loon, LavaLoonion and more!
● Ground Attacks: - Learn & copy devastating ground attacks such as Bowler Walk, Shattered BoWitch, Hybrid and more!
● Super Troops: - Learn attacks that utilize very powerful Super troops such as Titan Smash, Super Bowler Smash, Queen Charge LaLo and more!

💡Quick Tips for Attack and Defense.

● Attack tips: - Easy to read tips for getting the most out of your attacks.
● Defense tips: - Tips on base designing and layout strategies to help protect your loot and trophies.
● Builder Base tips: - Tips on helping you win more matchups on the Builder Base.
● Clan Capital tips: - Tips on helping you maximize Capital Gold during Raid weekends.

🛡Other Helpful Features.

● Find your Next Clan: - Looking for your next clan? We feature established or up-and-coming clans daily!
● Last Seen Time: - Determine the time a player was last playing Clash of Clans. If a Clan Mate is a no-show to Clan War, cover their attacks so you won’t miss out on easy Stars!
● Clash Terms: - Communicate like a Clash legend! Learn the common Clash Terms such as Aggro, Breach, Feeder Clan, Kill Squad, Mirror, Surgical, Trigger Ring, War Weight, ZapQuake, and many more!

From Clash of Clans beginners to esports professionals, Clash Fanatic has all of the content you need to build and copy a strong base, become more confident in your raid and war attacks, and improve your overall attack & defense performance with quick tips. Share with your clan mates to level up your clan quicker with more war wins and more loot! Comments and feedback are welcome! Send them through the App's settings screen.

Clash Fanatic is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it. For more information see Supercell’s Fan Content Policy:

Clash of Clans and its logos are trademarks of Supercell.
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