Fantasy Journey: Survival ARPG

Fantasy Journey: Survival ARPG

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​Set out on an epic journey in this spectacular 2D anime RPG—welcome to Fantasy Journey: Survival ARPG!
This cute yet feisty action RPG will take you straight to the fantasy world engulfed in chaos and swarming with enemies. But fear not: you’ll sure handle challenges like a boss!

Many centuries ago, the greatest heroes of the past fought a strenuous war with hordes of demons, eventually succeeding in locking them up in the Holy Ark. The fantasy world was safe at long last, but the demons were no meek bunch: they took their time to grow stronger and finally brought down the ark’s defenses, shedding the shackles and breaking free.
Luckily, there’s you—one of the few surviving heroes that have been guarding the ark, and it is now up to you to crush the demons’ advance.
Recruit all the mightiest heroes of today and throw the evil off its course! Take part in epic battles, defeat huge monsters and become the ultimate demon slayer of all times! Protect the world and make an unprecedented impact on its dwellers.

Control your character with an on-screen joystick: their weapon will automatically attack the enemy closest to you.
Once the monsters are done, our heroic survivor earns experience and levels up in battle, unlocking new opportunities and skills. Make sure to monitor your HP to extend your survival as the battle rages on.
Survive each timed fight to complete the game!

Pick your own survivor, do them justice and make them a hero!
Unlock gacha heroes and test their unique skills and abilities. Each hero has a unique set of those and comes in the cutest chibi anime style ever!
Trust your intuition to choose your ultimate hero to wage the war on the demons. To name a few survivors, here is Shadow: his signature style of action is brandishing the deadly kunai blades. Or try the Bard: her songs are to die for (literally). Now, there’s also the Vampire whose cursed sword always finds its victim. See which of the Heroes is the best demon slayer for you! Upgrade them and awaken their hidden abilities to spice up the fight!

Combine weapons, armor and equipment bonuses. Summon gacha swords, magic staves, body armor, and all sorts of other fun useful items. Equip your Hero and create your very own RPG builds.
Then upgrade your equipment until you end up with an unstoppable and undefeatable Hero whose impact on these lands will make up the essence of the new local legends!

- Survive each battle with almost unlimited skill combinations.
- Acquire powerful skills and combine different bonuses, awaken secret fun - abilities and make each battle uniquely epic and—your own!
- Survival depends on your strategic and tactical thinking.
- More RPG, more rogue-like than ever, more survival! More hardcore, yes!
And don’t you give up. Keep training your fearless survivor and upgrading their equipment!

Oh, the enemies. And then a dozen, a hundred more. Challenge 1,000 enemies at once and defeat them all!
Use different Hero skills, weapons and RPG smarts to perfect your warfare.
Survive the fights with huge and furious anime bosses: we’ve made them very dangerous yet equally cute, but don’t let that fool you!

- Single-finger control and manipulations
- Cute 2D chibi anime graphics
- Many gacha Heroes with unique abilities
- 100+ most dangerous yet sweet anime opponents
- 10+ unique fantasy locations
- Random skills emerging during battle that let you devise your own unique RPG strategy
- Thousands of opponents attacking at the same time for that wild unchecked action
- Unique gameplay in AFK mode with your survivors fighting and leveling up even when you’re away

If you love action RPG games, Fantasy Journey: Survival ARPG is totally one of those fun anime games for your must-play list.

We’re already working on additional game modes, including infinity and multiplayer options, so that you can fight side by side with your friends.
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