Fastic: Fasting & Food Tracker

Fastic: Fasting & Food Tracker

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Fastic – The Ultimate Nutrition App for Weight Loss and Health. Join the world’s most popular nutrition app, to unlock the incredible power of intermittent fasting for improved health and weight management. With a team of leading doctors and researchers, Fastic provides expert guidance and a straightforward fasting and meal tracker to help you achieve your health and weight goals, regardless of your chosen diet, be it keto, low carb, or simple calorie counting. Start transforming your life today with the must-have app for anyone serious about weight loss.
Explore intermittent fasting
Fastic makes intermittent fasting a sustainable journey towards weight loss. Experience the transformative power of ketosis, your body’s natural fat-burning state, while enjoying increased energy and long-lasting results.

Your smart meal tracker
Your lifelong nutrition partner. This AI powered tool continuously helps you track your food to provide instant nutritional insights, making healthy choices easier than ever.

AI Driven diagnostics
The Score feature swiftly delivers top-tier care through AI. Real-time insights, wearable health monitoring, and personalized data empower your journey.

AI-Genius in your pocket
Got questions about fasting or nutrition? Fasty is here to provide expert answers and support your fasting journey every step of the way.

Benefits of intermittent fasting with FASTIC

✔ Efficient fat-burning
✔ Anti-aging effects
✔ Enhanced detoxification and regeneration
✔ Prevention of diabetes and other health conditions
✔ Metabolism boost
✔ Improved cognitive functions
✔ Elevated energy levels
✔ Natural, effortless weight loss
✔ Prevention of yo-yo dieting
✔ Elimination of calorie counting
✔ Compatible with the keto, paleo, juice fasting diets and more
✔ Fitness workout integration
✔ Safe and health-boosting

Embrace a healthier Lifestyle with FASTIC

✔ Intuitive Fasting Timer
✔ Comprehensive Food & Calorie Tracker
✔ Body Status monitoring
✔ AI-powered nutritional chat support
✔ Advanced Step & Activity Tracker
✔ Hydration Tracker with reminders
✔ Ongoing app enhancements
✔ Muscle building and weight training support
✔ Google Fit synchronization

🤝 Join the FASTIC-PLUS COMMUNITY for accelerated success

🥇 Advanced Calorie Tracker & Food Diary
🥇 Over 400 easy, tasty recipes
🥇 Educational In-House Academy
🥇 Daily and Weekly Challenges for motivation
🥇 Fasting Buddies feature for community support
🥇 Engaging Social Media Channel
🥇 Expert guidance for faster goal achievement
🥇 Insightful progress monitoring
🥇 Customized daily schedules

🚀 Long-term benefits with FASTIC

• Fortified immune system
• Sustainable, natural weight loss
• Targeted fat loss
• Balanced blood sugar and insulin levels
• Enhanced detoxification through cellular regeneration
• Reduced allergies and inflammation

Fast according to your daily life

✅ Gentle – 12:12 | 13:11 | 14:10
✅ Moderate – 15:9 | 16:8 | 17:7
✅ Intense – 18:6 | 19:5 | 20:4

Transform your health journey with Fastic – where your well-being is our priority.

Get full access to all the features and your personalized fasting plan including a nutrition guide in Fastic Health-app with an in-app purchase.

• Payment occurs at purchase confirmation through your App Store account
• Premium membership auto-renews unless you disable this at least 24 hours before expiration
• Your account will be paid within 24 hours before the expiration of the premium membership your subscription package for renewal
• You can manage your premium membership in your profile settings and turn auto-renewal on or off
• Current premium memberships cannot be canceled mid-term
• Personal information is processed as per the Fastic privacy policy Terms & Conditions:

Privacy policy:
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