Funny Fighters: Battle Royale

Funny Fighters: Battle Royale

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"Funny Fighters: Battle Royale is a global sensation of non-stop fun and excitement! Immerse yourself in 5-minute brawls that will make you laugh out loud, with myriads of thrilling modes to choose from. It's not just about hero skills anymore—pick up interactables as weapons for creative combos. In this idle yet challenging game, you can either sneakily grow or boldly dominate. Only those who triumph amidst the chaos will prove themselves as true fighters!

[Funny and Stylish Heroes]
The world's funniest are all here! Get ready to meet the skilled Barber Tony, the Afro-haired Dr. Peculiar, the beat-obsessed DJ, the cool Wukong, and more interesting guys. Some may look adorable but are fierce fighters, while others may seem upright but sneak up on you in the shadows!

[Amusing Skills and Weapons]
The nearsighted Nerdy Nelly will knock you out with books, while the peculiar Horseman will actually heal you. The heroes are sure to exceed your wildest expectations. Gas Tanks, Selfie Sticks, and Luggage on maps are all weapons! More thrilling poses are awaiting you to unlock!

[Diverse Modes for Global Carnival]
- Arena (3v3): Pick wisely from three weapons. The order in which you use them will determine your victory or defeat.
- City Classic Mode (4v4): Show your enemies no mercy in the crazy streets. Team up, fight, and laugh your way to victory with 14 points.
- Soccer Match (4v4): Score three goals on the green field to win. No need to worry about red cards here!
- Gold Rush (4v4): Teamwork and strategy are key. Collect and defend 10 Gold to win, but beware, if you get knocked out, you lose all your Gold.
- Heist Mode (5v5): Defend your Gold Pig or destroy the enemy's. Infiltrate enemy territory, plant a bomb, and revel in the victorious blast.
- BR Frenzy (8v8): A 16-player survival mode featuring parachuting, swimming, and poison circles. Fight head-on or hide to be the last one standing!
- Wilderness BR Mode (Solo/Duo): Survival mode. Team up with a friend or fight alone to be the last survivor in the wilderness arena. Winner takes all!
- Solo (1v1): A mode of fun and chaos! Settle your grudges with a solo, winning three out of five rounds!
- Special Event: Limited-time challenges await in competitive and cooperative modes!

[Joyful Interactions in Battles]
Express yourself with the hottest emoticons loved by the youth! Flaunt your status before battles, meme your way through battles, and taunt your opponents after defeating them. And hey, if you can't beat them, why not give them a loving hug? Spread laughter with every interaction!

[Become a Pro with Ease]
Pick, run, smash, hide, and shoot! Master these amazing moves with just two fingers. No more puzzling over winning strategies. Even your old granny will be amazed at how easy it is! This is perfect for players who like to get together with friends and stir up some serious excitement.

Game Features:
- Comedy vibes infused! Quirky heroes, hilarious art, and bizarre modes will always hit the funny bone.
- When you are too tired to think after work or school, this is your ultimate stress-buster. Endless joy awaits!
- Multiple modes for all-out brawling. Just clench your fists or pick up weapons to crush your enemies. Easy and thrilling!
- Engage in 1v1, 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 battles with players from all over the world.
- Various skins are available for heroes, making them stand out from the mass.
- Create or join a squad, where you can share tips and tricks and conquer the battlefield with your friends.

Don't miss out on this thrilling and funny game! It's the ideal pick for casual brawls!
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