Galaxy at War:nebula overlords

Galaxy at War:nebula overlords

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Endless starry skies, conquer and expand without restraint.
The cosmos is teeming with habitable solar systems, each containing multiple planets, any of which could become the capital of an empire that rules the universe. You begin your journey on one of these planets, establishing a base, constructing fleets, devising strategies, defeating formidable foes, and steadily advancing towards the goal of becoming the master of the cosmos!

You have the freedom to attack and occupy any planet, turning it into your colony. Numerous colonies will support your efforts to build larger fleets!

With ingenious tactics, vanquish formidable adversaries.
You can build dozens of different warships, each with its unique purpose. Even the smallest warship has its distinct utility! Utilize powerful spy satellites to gather comprehensive data on your enemies. As a strategic genius, you will unveil your talents, discover your enemies' weaknesses, deploy the most optimal fleet configurations, defeat your foes, and amass abundant resources to develop your own planets!

Strategize, form alliances, and wage interstellar warfare together.
Players from all around the world will battle in the same cosmic expanse, all striving to dominate the starry sea. You can rely on your strength and cunning to eliminate their fleets, force them to surrender, and have them cede their planets to you! Alternatively, you can invite them to form an alliance powerful enough to rule the starry sea, assembling joint fleets to wage war and conquer all those who think themselves invincible.

Establish bases to create spaceports for an invincible fleet.
Thriving cities provide essential support for mighty fleets. Warships sailing through the cosmic expanse continuously consume resources and energy. While raiding might yield a wealth of resources, it comes with risks. Producing resources within your own cosmic base is a more secure approach. Allocating limited resources to your fleets or bases is also a crucial aspect of strategic planning!

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