Happyfeed: Gratitude Journal

Happyfeed: Gratitude Journal

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Happyfeed is a simple gratitude journal with photos designed to boost your mood by reflecting on 3 good things each day. Research shows that a gratitude journal can improve your happiness and help you feel 10% happier by focusing on the good things in life. Join a Pod to share your joy with a group of close friends!
• Add photos or locations to your 3 good things
• Daily throwbacks to grateful memories
• Groups perfect for couples, friends, or family sharing
• Custom daily prompts & reminders every day
• Stay motivated with gratitude streaks and self-growth
• Tag happier days with emojis
• Lock your gratitude journal with a passcode

🔭 Explore Your Happy Memories
After one week, we’ll prompt you to hop back in time to memories in your gratitude journal from that day one week or, eventually, years ago. This period grows to months and even years. Take a second to reflect on your joy and get the big picture of your personal growth.

🌿 Pods: Shared Journal
Pods are private groups for sharing memories, a photo a day, or daily journaling progress. React to shared moments by sending emojis. It's a unique way to be grateful and share positivity as a couple or with friends and family. If you're looking for a shared journal or diary, that's Pods!

👋 Grateful Reminders Daily
Every morning receive a new daily prompt as a reminder to be grateful and write 3 good things for your self-growth. Quotes about happiness, a fun fact, or little jokes to prompt joy & positivity in your life.

✨ Happiness Jar
After a couple of weeks, view past diary moments using the Happiness Jar. Shake to see one random memory and feel happier in seconds instead of minutes of scrolling through a feed. Past happy moments may even prompt more gratitude!

👩‍🔬 Benefits of Gratitude Journaling
Keeping a gratitude journal can help reduce stress and anxiety while boosting your mood and overall happiness. Studies have shown it can make you even 10% happier - take 5 minutes to write down 3 good things every day. Taking a second for grateful reflection can help you cultivate happier thoughts. Gratitude journals are the perfect practice for your personal growth!

🔐 Private, Secure, & Locked
An account is required in order to keep your photo diary safe and available on any device. Syncing is securely encrypted using HTTPS endpoints. Cloud storage allows us to backup your moments and photos so you never lose your gratitude journal. Lock your diary with a passcode to keep your joy private.

😄 3 Good Things
We designed Happyfeed as a simple gratitude journal and photo diary, to be grateful every day, and build a happy feed of pictures and moments from your life. Every feature is based on practices from positive psychology research - starting with 3 good things. Reflecting for just 5 minutes can make you 10% happier and track your personal growth & mood. Groups, photos, and the Happiness Jar help you spread joy and build a positive self-growth habit.
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