MealPrepPro Meal Planner

MealPrepPro Meal Planner

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Customize with your calories, allergies, dislikes, diet, macros, schedule and more. Let MealPrepPro build a plan for your life and your goals. Prep for a week or just a single meal, use the meal planner in a way that works for you.
Get Everything in One Place

Take the stress out of meal planning. Set your profile and let MealPrepPro build your meal plan with personalized recipes and a smart grocery list all connected and consolidated in one place. Adjust your plan as you go. Track your calories and macros. Reach your weight loss or muscle gain goals with personalized nutrition.

Is there anyone like you?

With your build, your fitness goals, your strength, your routines, your love of pasta or your hatred for cucumber. You are unique, so get a meal plan that’s made just for YOU.

MealPrepPro is the only meal planner with next level personalization.

New Recipes Every Month

Our recipes are one of the most loved parts of MealPrepPro. Get a healthy twist on Chicken Alfredo or a Vegan Taco Bowl that takes minutes to prep. Our meal planner is updated with new easy recipes every month, you’ll never get bored of eating healthy food.

Save time and money with MealPrepPro. Follow recipes that use everyday ingredients and are designed to have you in and out of the kitchen in minutes.

Track Calories and Macros

High-protein, vegan, flexible, low-carb, mediterranean… there’s a diet for every preference. You can even get a high protein plan from 30%, 35% to 40% protein you choose your preferred diet! Track calories and macros throughout the day to help you reach your fitness goals and get the nutrition for your workout needs.

Whether you want to gain muscle, improve your health with a great nutrition routine or you want to reach your weight loss goal, the MealPrepPro meal planner makes it easy.

Eat Healthy Together

Just because you’re trying to achieve a specific weight loss goal it doesn’t mean you have to cook separate food the rest of your family. Add multiple people to your planner and set their goals too. MealPrepPro will customize the recipes and help you to portion for everyone.

Grocery List

No more food waste, buy exactly what you need for your plan. Create a consolidated grocery list at the touch of a button. Mark things off as you shop and add personal items to the list too.

Why Meal Prep?

Meal prep can mean cooking 2 portions at a time or cooking 5 portions. It’s a great way to reach weight loss goals, gain muscle and meet your body’s nutrition requirements. If you workout or you’re following a fitness routine, meal prep is a great way to make sure healthy meals are your default. Track your fitness routines and adjust your meal plan to match your needs. No more crash diets, meal prep is a sustainable way to manage your nutrition so you can build healthy long term habits to complement your workouts.

Why MealPrepPro?

MealPrepPro is the most personalized meal planner.
It’s the only meal planner that allows you to adjust the portion size of any recipe to the nearest 10 calories. So if you want to eat more calories on a workout day or maybe you prefer a lighter dinner you can make those changes on the fly and track your calories and macros.

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