Mini Survival: zombie games

Mini Survival: zombie games

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On a morning day, you are ready for a new day, but the sudden outbreak of a zombie virus changes the world. The bustling city gradually turned into ruins, as if the end of the world was coming. Establish a base shelter in the last day, build high walls and facilities, plant fruits and vegetables. Provide a safe and reliable haven for more survivors! Survive in the survival zombie shooting&base buildiing game!
Survive in the doomsday is difficult, save survivors and build a base shelter with restaurant, hospital, hotel, and gas stations to provide convenience for them and make money. Recruit survivors to manage these facilities, upgrade to attract more survivors!

Silent night is the scariest. The zombie brigade is approaching the shelter as if the last day is coming. Alarm is sounded, they are coming and besieging the base shelter! Build sentry towers, put powerful companions on sentry towers to defend zombie waves! Pick up your guns, make a stormshot to eliminate them!

Each survivor has different professional abilities and combat skills. Some are good at cooking, some are good at rescuing, some are good at fighting. Place them in their proficient positions or join your combat team. They will become your assistants when collecting resources and fighting zombies! Don’t forget to upgrade if you want them stronger!

You must collect required resources to upgrade base in the zombie shooting game, there are at least 4 islands to discover. The unknown regions are full of dangers, don’t forget to take your teammates. During the exploration, be careful of the zombies around, use your gun to make a stormshot and shooting them back! Run away if you can’t beat them, remember to live first!

Cooking requires ingredient supplies, you can unlock farms in the base shelter to grow vegetables and fruits, or fishing. Of course, you can also collect vegetables by exploring regions. Resources can be used to create equipment and upgrade facilities.

Urban fringe, dark forest, forest farm and city center are all full of terrifying zombies and mutated animals. They are coming from everywhere, they use guns and attack you collectively. In addition, beware of the zombie bosses, they are so strong that they can't be killed easily. Take your companions and guns, wear great equipment and medicine, protect yourself in the last day.

There are also very cute pets in this zombie shooting game, you can feed and train them, each pet has different skills, take it to your team when exploring dangerous areas, it will give you a lot of help!

Mini Survival is a base building survival game that combines simulation and zombie war gameplay. Manage your base buildings and shooting zombies, we make it very playable. There are more than 80 types of zombies and monsters with different images. These zombies is not scaring, because the development team give them cute and cartoonish appearances, different from the scary and bloody ordinary zombies, they even look a little cute. Welcome to the world of Mini Survival, hope you can find a way out in the last day, create the most prosperous base shelter! The zombies are coming!
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