Myth-W RPG: Apotheosize Game

Myth-W RPG: Apotheosize Game

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The world had undergone separation and unification for several times, leading to the unstable order of the Three Realms among which riots had already started unexpectedly... The doom of being captured inside was unavoidable, no matter who you are, Immortals, Mortals or Demons from the abyss.
With the combination of fantasy and myth, a prehistoric world is newly built, where you can experience RPG adventures, and absorb yourselves into hundreds of storylines. In addition, there are brand new dungeons for you to challenge, like Prehistoric Trails,summoners war,knights chronicle,sky utopiatower of fantasy, Clan Contend and Dark-Light Battles! You as the chosen, is sent into this chaotic epoch to restart the Investiture, and bring peace to the Three Realms.


►Adventures in Three Realms◄
Mortals, Immortals, Demons and Chaos... In the battles of these factions starting in the Oriental World, you chosen by the Fate, are going to explore the Three Realms, learn those mysterious myths and decide the future of the world.

►Strategies in lineup arrangement◄
Adjust lineups according to different classes of your heroes, to make their skills into full play, especially the timing of releasing the Ultimate to reap enemies.In addition, there are brand new heroes for you to challenge, such as:、monster masters、mythic heroes、night agent、magic spellslingers、airship knights

►Matchup in all factions◄
For the journey to the Three Realms, you will be accompanied by so many heroes from different factions,At the same time, there are new legions available for you to challenge, such as: heroes of crown、goddess of genesis. enabling you to grab more fun from various match-ups.

►Ease in hero upgrading◄
Choose one team to upgrade and all the heroes can share the level, also with their gears to be inherited quickly. Even when offline, you can obtain autoplay yields of upgrading materials, leaving you more time to explore the Three Realms.

►Assist from Spirit Dragon◄
The Zodiac will turn into Spirit Dragon hovering over the sky, bringing great stats bonus to your team and releasing powerful skill to guarantee victories in battles.

►Rank in Three Realms Contend◄
Server and cross-server ranks... More PVP gameplays have started, so go lead your team and strive for the victory around the Three Realms.
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