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Pixel Royale 3D

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Ever imagined a world where mechanical skill and actually playing the game was what mattered? Yeah, we have too. We grew up playing pixel shooters for most of our childhood, and we've had to watch the genre shift in a way that isn't healthy for the community. So we decided to take the genre in a better direction.
We made Pixel Royale 3D to gather the community to a place where they can have fun with the genre again, and most importantly where their voices can be heard again. One of our main goals is to build the game around the community, after all, without a community, there wouldn't be a game!

Pixel Royale 3D is a pixelated FPS with a high focus on aim and strategy. With 6 categories to use in-game, there are virtually endless combinations to fit any play-style. Maybe you want a balanced loadout with good consistent damage for anywhere from short to long-range, or maybe you want to just rocket jump around
and shotgun people in the face. We won't judge!

Primary: Your main consistent and (usually) reliable weapon. Shotguns, Rifles, SMGs, you name it, we got it.
Secondary: Switching to your secondary is always faster than reloading, but sometimes they can hold their own.
Melee: Most people just pull them out to run faster, but if you can get up close they won't even see it coming.
Experimental: As the name suggests, these are the most unique weapons, but also the most difficult to use.
Sniper: Find a good spot, start scoping, and give your enemies a swift end. After all, professionals have standards.
Explosive: Pesky enemy hiding behind a corner? Send a rocket their way. See a group of enemies? Send a rocket their way. Don't feel like aiming? Send a rocket their way.

It's also important to build your loadout on the map you decide to play in.

River Battlefield: A large battleground divided in 2 by a river. With plenty of peeking spots, this map is perfect for avid snipers.
Night Battlefield: River Battlefield, but dark!
Prison: A close-quarters map with plenty of corners and hallways to hide behind. Keep a sharp eye out and watch your back!
Pixel Manor: A medium-sized map with 2 fortresses for each team. Shoot through the windows, get on top of the buildings, or sneak into enemy territory.
Space Station: A large indoor map with winding corridors and a maze-like design. Have your gun ready any time you turn a corner!
Cargo: A small and chaotic battlefield with few places to hide. Be quick on your feet and ready for anything to end victorious.

Pixel Royale 3D is frequently updated with active support from the developers for any problem you may be facing. Updates can range from cool content and quality of life adjustments to huge new features and changes.

But there aren't only practical customizations, your character and every weapon have tons of skins available to fully configure your loadout.
Don't forget the skin creator for creating skins in-game and the skin importer for importing skins from other games of a similar 'blocky-quality'.

So if you feel the well's run dry for pixel shooters, download the game and join our effort to bring pixel shooters back to what they were, and beyond!
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