Sky Utopia

Sky Utopia

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Oars is a city built around a celestial fountain, where four distinct races coexist, united by a shared faith in Oceanos, the God of Rivers. Within this tranquil and enigmatic sky utopia, diverse civilizations flourish in harmony.
However, amidst this era of prosperity, the threat of malevolent forces looms large. In response, courageous adventurers have established the Adventurer's Guild, ushering in not only advanced technologies but also ensuring the populace lives under the protective blessings of the Titans. These adventurers, selecting classes based on their racial strengths, undertake quests for substantial rewards, safeguarding the city's peace.

Annually, the grand Adventurer's Arena convenes to identify the most formidable individuals from each class, honoring them as the Kings of Heroes, capable of combating the dreaded dragons and defending Oars from invasion throughout the ages.

Yet, one fateful day, the denizens of Oars are startled by the ominous sound of the sky rending apart—a fracture in the Dimension Fissure. Despite the elders' efforts to seal the breach using the Wood Soul's power, a powerful demon of chaos escapes, targeting Yggdrasil—the vital force behind sealing the fissure.

Transformed into the guardians of Oars, the adventurers steel themselves, drawing upon their armor and resolve. The time for action has arrived.

Game Features:
[Explore the Splendorous Sky Utopia]: Traverse every corner of this utopia, leaving your mark and forging unforgettable bonds with the citizens of Oars.
[Enjoy Surprise Gifts]: Receive 100M FREE GREEN DIAMONDS and abundant upgrade resources upon logging in! Rapid progression is assured.
[Interact for Endless Enjoyment]: Engage with fellow adventurers through daily activities such as Fishing, Dancing, and Bonding, ensuring an ever-exciting journey with myriad companions.
[Customize Your Appearance]: Craft your distinct style with stunning avatars and fashionable attire.
[Conquer for Glory]: Unite your guild members, strategize in battle, unleash ultimate skills, and stand together in pursuit of factional glory!

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