Space Quest: Hero Survivor

Space Quest: Hero Survivor

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Shoot, loot, survive, and become the ultimate space hero in this epic battle to save humanity.
Shoot and run top down survival autofire game in space! Find the way out of space bases and take down all the space monsters, aliens bugs, and zombies that want to stop you.

You will start each run with your own equipment and skills, but you will unlock new cool power-ups and abilities as you quickly gain levels. Randomly generated maps and ability drops will ensure that each field run is unique.

Don't settle with being a mere archer - put down your arrow, take your space gun and show those aliens who's the real monster hunter star here in the best action role-playing space shooter game!

Prepare for an epic star journey among in the captivating world of "Space Quest: Hero Survivor," a sci-fi shooter game that immerses you in a thrilling space battle against aliens, monsters, and space bugs. As a resilient survivor, your mission is to conquer doom and ensure the survival of humanity. Travel among the stars, get to the field, grab your weapon and shoot, loot, and repeat!

Lead a squad of mighty heroes. Each hero possesses unique skills that are crucial for your survival among the stars. With a wide range of abilities at your disposal, you can adapt your play style to overcome any challenge you face.

In this post-apocalyptic universe, survival is paramount. Explore diverse fields filled with dangers and opportunities. Scavenge for valuable loot and resources, which you can use to upgrade your weapons and equipment, enhancing your combat capabilities. Stay vigilant, as the path to survival is paved with unexpected twists and turns. Doom awaits you!

As you progress, face mighty bosses that will test your skills to the limit. Coordinate with fellow survivors, like Lara, Snake, Doom, Star, or Robot.

Immerse yourself in the vastness of space as you navigate stunning environments. From haunting space star stations to the remnants of ancient civilizations, the immersive graphics and sound design will transport you to a world on the brink of destruction.

Will you rise as the ultimate survivor, defying the odds in the face of doom? Join the ranks of the mighty star shooters in "Space Quest: Hero Survivor," where every level is a test of skill, every upgrade is a step towards victory, and every moment is filled with exhilarating action. Prepare for an epic star battle in space and become the ultimate shooter!
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