Survival Tactics

Survival Tactics

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Welcome to hell, Commander. Your duty is to survive and lead your fellowship to the next dawn.
Humanity plunged into chaos after the zombie virus spread. Life is a privilege long gone. Now we survive. Forget who you were, revive your Survival Tactics and be who you truly are.

Experience an action-packed blend of strategy, shooting, and RPG elements in Survival Tactics, a mobile game that will plunge you into the heart of a zombie apocalypse.

🎖️ Lead the way as a strategic commander
Zombies are not the only threat out there. Take command of the battlefield and guide your crew of survivors establishing your dominance in the wasteland. Employ your strategic brilliance to lead your team into battle, fortify shelters, defend strongholds, and conquer grueling challenges to ensure your people's survival.

🔫 Unleash a devastating arsenal of weapons
At the camp we say "Words can save you from other outposts, but for zombies you need bullets". Arm yourself with an arsenal of deadly weapons, from assault rifles and shotguns to sniper rifles and explosive devices. Upgrade and customize your arsenal to unleash devastating firepower and rain down destruction upon the zombie horde in an action-packed shooter.

🧟‍♂️ Master the art of zombie cleansing
Command your squad of survivors and dive into heart-pounding 5v5 battles against hordes of relentless zombies. Utilize your tactical prowess to outmaneuver and obliterate the undead menace and free outposts from their presence.

🤝 Build alliances
Survive together, or not at all! Team up with fellow survivors to form an unbreakable alliance, fostering cooperation and strategic coordination. Forge a formidable coalition to conquer the undead, stop the zombie apocalypse and reclaim control of a ravaged world.

💥 Real-time PvP war
Engage in real-time PvP combat to claim resources and territory. Raid enemy fortifications and expand your settlement in a thrilling bid for survival in the zombie apocalypse

🌏 Post-Apocalyptic World
Immerse yourself in a captivating post-apocalyptic RPG world teeming with danger and uncertainty. Go to war, explore desolate cities, scavenge for supplies, and engage in intense PvP battles to survive against all odds.

🎯 Key Features:
- Three Game Modes: build and command your stronghold with strategy, survives waves in the survivor zombie shooter arena, and engage in intense 5v5 Turn-Based Team Battles
- Customizable Arsenal: equip yourself with an arsenal of upgradeable weapons, from assault rifles to sniper rifles.
- Upgrade Survivors: upgrade and customize your heroes to become unstoppable zombie slayers.
- Form Invincible Alliances: forge strategic alliances with fellow survivors to conquer the zombie apocalypse and reclaim control of the wasteland.
- Gripping Post-Apocalyptic RPG World: explore a desolate world filled with danger, uncertainty, and the relentless undead horde.

Download Survival Tactics today and become the ultimate zombie apocalypse survivor! Unleash your strategy and shooting skills and lead your squad to victory!

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