Weight Loss Walking: WalkFit

Weight Loss Walking: WalkFit

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A walking app for weight loss, WalkFit, is a simple step counter, pedometer, and personal walk fitness app.
Try daily walking plans or indoor walking workouts to burn calories and achieve weight loss! Build a new walking habit and get fit with the walking app WalkFit.

WalkFit is your go-to for walking for weight loss. Daily walking programs are designed to help you achieve the desired weight and improve your health. Walking for weight loss is easy!

Get your personal walking plan calculated based on your BMI and activity level. Enjoy your daily walks and lose weight effortlessly!

Walking Tracker: keep track of your walking progress with a user-friendly walk tracker. Monitor your steps, calories burned, and distance traveled to stay motivated on your weight loss journey with a walking tracker.

Walking App for Weight Loss: use our walking tracker as a weight loss walking app to set and achieve your weight goals. Monitor your walking progress and see how it contributes to your weight loss progress.

Step Counter & Step Tracker: count your steps, walking distance, and burned calories with a pedometer easily. The step counter & pedometer serve as a constant reminder to keep moving and motivate you to reach step goals.

Walking Challenges: challenge yourself and get more weight loss motivation with a walking challenge app. Get achievements by completing daily and weekly step goals! Conquer new step milestones with a step counter and walk to lose weight with Walkfit!

Indoor Walking Workouts: get a personal workout plan, follow video guides, and lose weight at home. Try various indoor walking workouts and choose your favorite! Dare to take on the "28 day indoor walking challenge" to burn fat and lose weight in a short time by combining exercises with walking.

Treadmill Workout App: just switch to treadmill mode and follow the walking app recommendations. Alter walking at an easy, steady pace with intense bursts of walking and a fast pace for weight loss. The step tracker feature will count your steps while you're using the treadmill. This makes treadmill workouts a great option if you prefer to walk at home and still aim to lose weight.

Sync with Fitbit, Google Fit, and Wear OS devices

WalkFit is compatible with Wear OS watches, which allows the tracking of activity data in passive and active modes. In a passive mode, the watch’s sensors are utilized to track your overall activity throughout the day. During active modes, such as workouts or free walks, your activity can be monitored in real-time in a walking app.

By syncing both devices, you can track progress toward your walking goals and monitor key metrics like step count, calorie burn, and walk distance. That's why it's so easy to use WalkFit as a pedometer and weight loss app!

You can download the walking app for free. Further use requires a subscription. At our discretion, we may decide to offer you a free trial per the terms displayed in the app.

In addition to the purchased subscription, we may offer you add-on items (e.g. fitness guides, VIP customer support service) for an additional fee, either one-off or recurrent. This purchase is optional: your subscription is not conditional on such a purchase. All such offers will be displayed in the app.

Don't hesitate to send your feedback or suggestions to [email protected]
Privacy Policy: https://legal.walkfit.pro/page/privacy-policy
Terms of Use: https://legal.walkfit.pro/page/terms-of-use

WalkFit is a step counter, pedometer & walking app for weight loss. Get a walking plan adapted to your needs and personalize your daily goals for steps and distance!
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