Betwixt—The Mental Health Game

Betwixt—The Mental Health Game

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Meet Betwixt, the cozy story-based game that helps you master your thoughts and emotions, improve your mental health and wellbeing, and aid with unwinding anxiety, depression and rumination.
Unlike an AI therapist, a mood tracker or a journal app, Betwixt takes you on a guided immersive adventure deep into the mysteries of your own mind. On this epic inner journey, you’ll reconnect with your wisest self and unlock a whole range of psychological powers:

• Improve your emotional intelligence, self care and coping skills
• Calm your nerves and soothe overwhelming feelings
• Uncover new paths to self improvement, self actualization and growth
• Tap into your subconscious mind through the power of story
• Identify your values to increase your motivation, sense of gratitude and life purpose
• Deepen your self knowledge to help you in overcoming sadness, resentment, low self esteem, fixed mindset, negative perception, insecurities.

Betwixt is a relaxing, de-stressing game that draws on decades of psychology research and therapeutic practice into how we feel, think and behave. It includes tools for emotion regulation and self reflection, journal prompts for mental health, elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness approaches, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Jungian theory and others. Together, these methods work to improve your wellbeing, calm your mind, increase your self esteem and help you deal with challenging emotions.

◆ An immersive experience
In Betwixt, you become the hero (or heroine) of an interactive adventure through a dreamlike world that responds to your thoughts and feelings. We’ve used immersive storytelling and sounds to create an alternative for people who find a CBT diary too dry, and struggle to engage with mindfulness, breathing or counseling apps, emotion trackers and mood journals.

For neurodivergent users, Betwixt stands out among ADHD apps for adults by offering a creative, engaging approach that removes distractions, improves your focus, motivation and mindset without creating digital addiction.

◆ Evidence-based
Independent psychology research shows that Betwixt can significantly reduce anxiety, stress and depression, with effects that can last months. For years, we’ve been working with various therapists and psychology researchers to make the science of wellbeing accessible to anyone. You can find an overview of our research studies and collaborations on our site at

"Captivating. Betwixt is a new direction in mental health."
- ​Ben Marshall, former adviser to the UK National Health Service

◆ Features
• a cozy fantasy story
• choose-your-own-path game play
• unique psychedelic experience with soothing soundscapes
• 11 dreams that unlock different psychological powers
• tools for self actualization, improvement, growth, wellbeing and resilience

We believe that mental health resources should be available to all.
• Access three free chapters
• If you cannot afford to pay, we’ll gift you free access to the entire program
• Support our mission and unlock the full journey for a one-off fee (no subscriptions) from $19.95 (£15.49).
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