Self Therapy: Mental Tests

Self Therapy: Mental Tests

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Welcome to Self Therapy: Mental Tests, which is always with you to protect your personal development and mental health. Step into the world of self-care and mental health.
Accelerate your self-care and empower yourself with personalized therapy resources, tailored mental tests, comprehensive summaries, and advanced tools to track your progress. Whether you're struggling with the end of ADHD, managing trauma, dealing with depression, or simply aiming to maintain a balanced mood. Take on health work with our Self Therapy: Mental Tests, the reliable path to a healthier and better mental age.

Self Therapy: Mental Tests App Features: Mood Tracker, Daily Diary, Relaxing Sounds, Mental Age

🌿Self Therapy
In the chaos of life, there is a refuge within you: self therapy. Discover the transformative power of introspection as you navigate the contours of your thoughts and emotions. Through mindfulness and self-reflection, this journey becomes a compass for understanding, healing, and nurturing your mental health. Remember, this is not a substitute for professional help, but a proactive step towards empowering yourself. Take a moment, take a deep breath, and begin your journey to a resilient mind.

🧘‍♀️ Self-Care
Be clear about your mental health! Explore 308 bite-sized, practical insights into 11 major categories covering relationships, personal development, mental health, therapy, mindfulness, parenting, and more. Elevate your well-being with our curated content on self-care, mental health, mental age, and personal growth. All information is compiled by our in-house experts, providing reliable and expert-backed content for your ultimate personal care journey.

📝 Mental Tests
Learn to explore your mind using our app containing 77 mental tests! From character and psychology to lifestyle and mood, our tests enable you to continue your personal development by providing every valuable insight into the inner world. Specific assessment tests such as trauma tests, bipolar tests, depression tests, ADHD tests, PTSD tests and other mental health tests that offer comprehensive treatment to protect and nourish your mental health.

📔 Daily Diary and Mood Tracker
Customize your daily diary journaling experience! Record text, emotions, and activity icons with Mood Tracker and filter your notes for a personalized reflection on your journey.

📚 Discover
Dive into the wealth of information on mental health! Featuring more than 150 articles written by our experts, the Discover feature enhances your learning experience by allowing you to listen to articles using the built-in audio narration feature.

📊 Statistics
Track your progress with detailed statistics! Review your notes daily diary, weekly, monthly, and yearly to gain valuable insight into your personal development.

🌀Create Positive/Negative Energy
Experience our unique feature! The 90-second relaxation tool combines video animation and visuals, allowing users to clear negative energy and absorb positive energy using simplified psychiatric techniques.

🌌 Metaphor Animations
Relax with curated metaphors! Immerse yourself in professionally designed video animations and visuals, each centered on the five most calming metaphors.

🎶 Relaxing Sounds
Enjoy relaxing sounds! Access a selection of the most calming relaxing sounds designed to be played in the background while you browse other app features.

🤝 Community
Connect with like-minded individuals! Join groups in 23 different categories, share posts, write comments, and interact with others using familiar social media features. Our server system provides uninterrupted interaction.
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