Smashing Four: PvP Hero bump

Smashing Four: PvP Hero bump

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Feel the rush as you dive deeper into the heart of battle with every move you make! In this adrenaline-pumping expansion of the arena, the thrill of the rush is undeniable as you navigate through the electrifying world of Smashing Four. With every match, the intensity increases, pushing you to make strategic decisions on the fly. Harness the rush of excitement as you deploy your heroes, each with their unique abilities, in a chess-like battle of wits and strength. As you climb the ranks, the challenges become tougher, but so does the rush of triumph with each victory you claim. The rush of competition is ever-present, urging you to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponents with precision and flair.
Amplify the rush with new, dynamic arenas that bring fresh challenges and require innovative strategies to master. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you adapt to unpredictable obstacles and the unique mechanics of each battleground. The rush of progress is tangible as you collect exclusive rewards and cards that bolster your arsenal, allowing for an ever-evolving gameplay experience. Engage in the rush of camaraderie by forming alliances with fellow Smashers, sharing strategies, and embarking on quests together to conquer the leaderboard. Experience the ultimate rush as you make your mark in the world of Smashing Four, where every smash is not just a move, but a statement of power, strategy, and unity. Prepare for an unparalleled rush as you immerse yourself in this expanded universe, where the thrill of battle and the joy of victory converge in a spectacular clash of champions.

Have a smashing time!

PvP, real-time, turn-based, card-collectible strategy
Duel players from all around the world in challenging arenas
Win battles to earn rewards
Collect cards to unlock new heroes & upgrade them to unleash their unique abilities
Smash your opponents in the arena and fight your way up to the top of the ranks
Get all heroes available & get ready for new arrivals
Fight in the challenging environments of 10 game-changing Arenas
Create your own Clan or join an existing one
Share cards, chat and challenge your clanmates in friendly battles

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Enjoy discussing your ideas and experiences with other players
Have fun with player-made content such as awesome gameplay videos or fan art
Find new friends, clans, and socialize with other players

A network connection is required.

Smashing Four is a free to play game and as such it doesn't require you to spend any money to fully enjoy. However, it is possible to buy game currency or special offers using real money via in-app purchases. Currency can be used to acquire products such as Coins, Hero cards or Orbs that may help you progress faster. This does not ensure victories in battles. We do not support 'pay to win' mechanics.
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